Staying Safe in a Power Outage


Natural disasters and wild weather can sometimes disrupt your power supply. Damage to power lines, poles, and other electrical equipment faults can cut power supply to homes for hours or even days. We recommend that all our customers are prepared for an unexpected power outage.
Buller Electricity will work hard to restore power as quickly and safely as possible in the event of storm-related damage. When conditions are extreme, and the network damage is extensive, it may take us significant time to get the power back on. The safety of the public and our lines crews is of primary importance at all times.
Being prepared for extreme weather and natural disasters will help you, your family and your business to get through power supply interruptions safely. These handy tips will help you prepare and be safe:

  • Always keep well clear of fallen power lines or damaged electrical equipment and treat them as live at all times
  • Watch out for falling tree branches as these can cause damage to power lines
  • Avoid possible damage to electrical appliances (in the unlikely event there is a power surge when the power is restored) by switching off appliances at the wall. Turn off and unplug sensitive appliances such as TVs and computers and leave them unplugged until the power comes back on.
  • Be prepared for power outages. Make sure you have adequate food supplies, warm clothing and bedding, torch and spare batteries, a battery radio, an alternative source of heating, and non-electric cooking equipment. A corded telephone that does not rely on electricity is also a good idea.
  • Use surge protectors to avoid damage to sensitive appliances such as TVs and computers
  • If you are medically dependent on electricity, let your electricity retailer know immediately. Do not wait until the event of an emergency and risk a health emergency. Make sure you have a back-up plan if the power goes out. If there is an immediate health threat, contact your health provider, call 111 or head to your nearest hospital.