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New Connections


If you are building a new home or establishing a new business your electrician will normally arrange the new electricity connection or a temporary power supply during construction.


If you are building a new residence or commercial premises and there are already low voltage lines or cable running past the boundary, a new connection will generally be straightforward. Your electrician will be able to arrange the connection with us. All you need to do is let them know who your preferred electricity retailer is (note that not all retailers currently offer new connections on our network).
In other situations, where there are no existing low voltage lines nearby, the location is rural, or where the new load is significant compared to the capacity of the existing lines, then installing a new connection is more complex and your electrician will need to discuss your plans with us well ahead of time.
Only Buller Electricity lines contracting staff are able to make new connections to our distribution network i.e. no other contractors are currently approved to do this work.

Buller Electricity ‘Network Connection Standard’ (PDF)


To apply for a new connection, alteration to an existing connection or temporary supply, please complete and return a Connection Application.
Buller Electricity Connection Application (PDF)


Temporary connections give builders and other tradespeople access to electricity at a building site where there is no existing connection to our network. Buller Electricity treats a temporary builder’s connection in the same way that we treat any other new connection. In most cases, your electrician will install the temporary supply box on the section and arrange for Buller Electricity to connect it to the network.
In many cases, the temporary supply box is positioned close to the final location of the meter box on the house. This means that the cable that connects the temporary supply to the Buller Electricity network can also be used to connect the finished house to the network. This saves the amount of attention required when the house is completed and the temporary supply box is no longer required.