Buller Electricity Distribution Pricing 2023/24

Buller Electricity is currently in dispute with Transpower over our transmission charges for 2023/24.  The latest developments in this matter are detailed in the following media release and letter to Electricity Retailers:



Buller Electricity is committed to ensuring our community has a reliable supply of electricity and that we provide value.


Pricing Guide & Delivery Price Schedule

Our Pricing Guide explains in simple in terms the makeup of the electricity industry and how the charges to network users for the electricity service we provide are determined.

Our Delivery Price Schedule for the 2024/25 financial year is available here.


Retail Electricity Pricing

Rather than bill customers directly, we charge the electricity retailers for the cost of delivering electricity to their customers.  They then ‘bundle up’ our line charges along with power generation, transmission (through Transpower’s national network) and their own retail electricity charges into the bill that a customer receives.

The retailers have responsibility for deciding the final price that is charged to their customers.  To find out which energy retailer is best for you, visit Powerswitch  run by Consumer NZ.


Pricing Methodology & Pricing Policy

BEL is required to publish a Pricing Methodology which describes how we have determined our electricity delivery prices, while our Pricing Policy provides information to Retailers about how our pricing should be applied:

Additional & Historic Pricing Information & Disclosures

Additional and historic pricing information & disclosures are available on our Pricing Documents webpage.